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The largest city in area in the United States is Juneau, Alaska. It covers 3,248 square miles, yet the city population is fewer than 30,000.

The Space Needle, built in 1961 in Seattle, Washington is the first revolving restaurant.
Features and Fun City Facts

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Spotlight on the Civil War Battle of Spokane Falls. Spotlight FeatureThe Battle of Spokane Falls From The Civil War
Confederates on the Firing Line
Confederates on the Firing Line
There weren't many battles fought on the west side of the Rocky Mountains during the American Civil War, but that doesn't stop hundreds of enthusiastic participants in creating the Battle of Spokane Falls.

Every Memorial Day, hundreds of Reenactors and even more spectators flock to Riverside State park, located in Washington State, for the amazing sights and sounds of battle.

Be it the booming cannon, the disturbing (yet informative) medical demonstrations, the spectacular cavalry show or the massive battle at the end, there is something for everyone to see at this event...[more]

Spotlight on the first Mechanical Parking Garages in America. Previous FeatureThe first Mechanical Parking Garages in America
The Pigeon Hole Parking sign.Spokane, Washington has had it's share of firsts... one of the most unique is the right to say that the first mechanical parking structure, Pigeon Hole Parking, was invented and patented in Spokane prior to 1950 by local inventors, the Sanders brothers, Vaughn and Leo.

These engineering marvels showcased the beginnings of robotic parking and consisted of a vertical framework of steel parking stalls and a movable hydraulic elevator for lifting and sliding the
automobiles into them. More than 110 cars could be parked in a lot only 50 feet wide, stacked like cracker boxes in the banks of "pigeon holes"... [more]
July 19, 2024

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